Pastor Carol’s Corner

Pastor Carol’s Corner

I will start this by saying – I have no idea how long I will be the pastor of Millington UMC! But the original thought was no longer than June 30, 2025. So, no I don’t know that I am moving this year! Yet, this is the time of year that every United Methodist pastor starts to get a little anxious when the phone rings…. Why? Because the Bishop and Cabinet have started to look at every church and every pastor to consider appointments for the 2024-2025 appointment year. We have a very unique form of policy, or organization; remember every pastor in the United Methodist Church is appointed by the bishop for one year and only one, at a time then it is renewed or changed. I will admit that the Bishop and Cabinet are working to make appointments longer, my last two, prior to coming to Millington as your interim, were for 7 years and 9 years.

So today, I would ask for you to be in prayer for our Bishop, David Bard along with the Appointive Cabinet which is filled with the 7 District Superintendents and the Clergy Assistant to the Bishop. They have already begun to meet regularly. They are in prayer as they discern the many transitions and changes that will be happening across the hundreds of churches here in Michigan. Most churches will not see a pastoral change but those that do, there is always disruption.

Some pastoral changes are due to retirements, some because of disagreements and conflict, some because of financial challenges, some happen after prayerful discernment of the gifts and graces of a pastor that are needed at a different church, some because an opportunity for advancement is offered, sometimes there are family situations that have not been publicly shared, and sometimes we may never understand.  The truth is we don’t always know, we may never know, and it is not our place to know.

So, what is our place? The very first place to be is on our knees in prayer. In prayer for our church, our Bishop and the Cabinet as they make decisions on not just Millington UMC but every UMC in Michigan. That they would listen to the Holy Spirit, be open to the leading of the Spirit and guided by Scripture.

We need to be praying for each other. We need to be looking at who is not in worship and going and visiting and asking how we may be a community together again.

Our place is also to be in worship, continuing to worship, praising God and being together as the people of faith. If we quit being the people of faith then we have let evil win. That is not what we are called to do. We must fight harder! We have let evil win too much in this world, too often we have given up the fight for what is right.

We need to be planning into the next year. On Sunday, February 25, right after worship we are having a Soup-luck planning afternoon. Bring a pot of soup, cheese and crackers, some bread, or just yourself. Whatever you can contribute to our Soup-luck planning afternoon. Most importantly bring yourself. We are going to talk about looking forward, not back. Where do we go from here!

We may be small, but let’s be mighty and small!child praying hands clipart 10 free Cliparts | Download images on  Clipground 2024

Where is our place? On our knees, in worship, with each other, and planning for the future. Please join us in looking for the future.

Pastor Carol